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By partnering with IGVision, you will position your brand in front of the most powerful decision-makers from gold mining (silver, platinum) and investment industries both from China and across the world. The conference will be advertised in a wide range of specialized media with expansive market coverage. Partnering with us, you will be able to integrate diverse array of industry resources and identify collaboration opportunities with potential industrial prospects.

Partnership Benefits

1. Enjoy increased brand exposure
--Your brand will appear as "Event Endorser" on all of our conference materials
(event brochure, conference booklet, conference backdrop, event website, etc.)
2. Receive a complimentary ticket to the event
3. Your members will receive a special discount
4. Potential speaking opportunity in the event

For more information about partnership, please contact:
Ms. Linda Shen
Tel: +86 21 5161 5300
Fax: +86 21 5180 9518

China Gold Association is approved by former State Economy and Trade Committee and the Ministry of Civil Affair, and registered as the nation-wide corporative organization in 2001. The English name of the association is China Gold Association, and is abbreviated as CGA. According to the relative laws and on the base of voluntary, CGA is incorporated as a nation-wide, unprofitable and autonomic organization, and includes the enterprises of gold exploration, operation, processing, logistics, investment, research institutes, and other institutions having relationship with gold industry.
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Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd. is located in China’s gold capital—Zhaoyuan City of Shandong Province that is well-known around the world for being rich in gold. It is a large-scale comprehensive group corporation specialized in gold mining, non-gold mining, trading & deep processing of gold, high-tech industry and real estate five industries. Established in 1974 and reformed into a limited liability company in 2002, with total assets of 18.3 billion RMB and 15,000 workers and staff.
The gold industry of our company has formed a complete production system with a line of gold exploration, mining & processing, cyanide metallurgy, refining, processing of gold & silver products and supporting sales with gold resources and reserves of over 400 tons in total presently. On December 8, 2006, Zhaojin Mining Industry Co., Ltd. owned by the Group had successfully come into the main-board market in Hong Kong with a total collection of over 2.5 billion Hong Kong currencies of capital in total. In 2011, the Group achieved the32.84% and 24.69% in respect of the growth rate of sales revenue and profit respectively, and safety production and put an end to environmental protection accident.
The group company has been included into “China Top 500 Enterprises” for eight consecutive years, ranked 294 at present; into “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises”, ranked 162; into “China Top 200 Enterprises in Economic Benefits”, ranked 192; and for eight consecutive years into “China 500 Most Valuable Brands”, and the value of “Zhaojin Brand” has reached 9.658 billion RMB, ranked 118;”Zhaojin” Trademark recognized as “Famous Trademark of China”. Our group has been listed in “Key Enterprise Group of Shandong Province”, “520 Key Enterprises of the State”, “First Member Unit of Integrated Businesses of Shanghai Gold Exchange and First Qualified Refining Enterprise that Can Provide Standard Gold Ingots “ in succession. The company also won the honorary titles such as “Provincial Civilized Unit”, “Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations of Shandong Province”, “Top 10 Mining Enterprises of the State”, “National May Day Labor Award”, “National Star Enterprises in Gold Industry”, “National Advanced Units for Enterprises Culture Construction”, “National Outstanding Unit for Enterprise Culture in 30 Year’s Reform and Opening up”, “China Gold Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work”, “Most Influential Enterprise in China”, “Advanced Unit in National Gold Industry”, “National Excellent Trustworthy Enterprise” and “Outstanding Contribution Award of China's Enterprise Management in 2010”.



Hong Kong International Mining Association HKIMA (formerly HKCMA) is registered under the Hong Kong law as a non-profit organization. Its mandate is to act as a platform in connecting funds, Canadian and Hong Kong mining industries and financial markets; as well as to act as a platform in connecting funds, projects, and talent together throughout Asia and North America. HKIMA is also dedicated to facilitating the exchange of mining information; bridging gaps between business models, culture, and geographic differences between the East and the West, further promoting Canadian mining companies that have interest in Asia through various informative seminars, networking events and site visits.
HKIMA has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Vancouver; three locations to better provide international support to our members. At the moment, two types of membership applications are available for your consideration—corporate and individual.

The Association of Mining Analysts (AMA) is a non-profit organisation representing the broad mining community in the UK with a membership of around 300. Its remit is to organise presentations and seminars on mining focused companies and sector related issues, with the aim of promoting better understanding of the minerals industry and its activities to the wider investment community. Its members are drawn from: Specialist mining investment funds, Investment banks and stockbrokers, London Metal Exchange members, Technical consultancy firms, Academic community, Commodity research companies, Metals/mining associations, Mining press and public relations, The mining and metals industries, Other professionals involved in the minerals industry.

Hong Kong Mining Investment Professionals Association (HKMIPA) is a non-profit legal entity (registration no.: 52550073-000-06-10-3) serving the professionals from the mining investment industry in Hong Kong and its adjacent region.
Privileged from her unique financial position globally and a key gateway to China, Hong Kong has recently established as an investment centre for the mining industry where geologists, mining engineers, valuers, financial advisors and legal advisors meet together for natural resource projects of various commodities.
In view of this, HKMIPA is established to promote the mining investment industry in Hong Kong and to enhance the communications among the mining investment professionals in Hong Kong.

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